Thursday, August 2, 2007

Yesterday was a very productive day as you can see below. I was able to get 7 layouts done. Everything just seemed to fall into place. I love it when that happens.

On Tuesday we got to see Adam. He is my nephew from Virgina. He is attending Virgina Tech and yes he was there when that shooting happened. Thankfully he was not in the part of the campus that it happened at. We missed getting to see Stephanie. She was not able to come this time. Hopefully we can see her soon.

On Tuesday my car decided that it needed to die for no reason, you will be going down the road and it will just die. I am glad that Cecil was driving and not me. If you let it sit for a minute it will start up again. Then yesterday on the way home from church it decided to die 3 times. I wasn't driving again. Hopefully today we can find out what its problem is. It is a 2006 Chevrolet Aveo. I really like it but not when it does this.

Well I am off to see about getting some more work done. Daniel just got up (it's 3:00 in the afternoon) so I need to get him something to eat.

This is a trip that we took to Mo. We went canoeing on the Neosho River.

Credits:Layout was inspired by a layout by Leslie Lightfoot in Digital Scrap booking Magazine
Kit is August Round Up by Mollie-aka SwordaScrappin
Gold elements are by Designing on the edge.
Stitching is by Vendula Sediva aka Natali
Template is by Amanda Tracy
Font is Pharmacy from Fonts by Blambot

This was Gene's first boat ride. We went on Ray & Linda Benson's Boat.

Credits:Kit is Summer Splash by Kit is Summer Splash by Traci Thompson/MakeItScrappy/Itty Bitty Pixie Scraps
Template is Hangin Around by Tracy Drane
Font is Andy

Gene's 3rd Birthday.

Credits are listed in the next layout.

This is Gene's 3rd Birthday. He had to cut the cake himself.

Credits:Kit is Brayden’s B-Day by Traci Thompson/MakeItScrappy/Itty Bitty Pixie Scraps
You can find the kit here:

I love this picture. Gene loved being at Grandpa's house as much as Grandpa like for him to be there.

Credits:Kit is by Traci Thompson/MakeItScrappy/Itty Bitty Pixie Scraps
Template is by Kerri Horton at Scrap Girls
Font is Bookman Old Style
You can the kit here.

This is one of my favorite pictures.

Credits:Kit is Rejuvenation by Traci Thompson /MakeItScrappy/Itty Bitty Pixie Scraps
Font is Champignon, You can find it here.

Cecil was trying out his new hammock.

Credits:Kit is Summer Splash by Traci Thompson/MakeItScrappy/Itty Bitty Pixie Scraps
Brad is by Carla Ware-3scrapateers, it is recolored
Curled paper template is from Scrap Girls
Font is Andy

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