Friday, February 24, 2017

March Card Buffet!

Join me for our March Card Buffet!
Sunday March 26th, 2:00pm-5:00pm
You will be able to choose from 11 different card choices at our card buffet.
The cost is $2.00 per card. If you do 10 cards you get the 11th one free.
You can make 1 of each card featured or you can do more than 1 of the same card.
Please RSVP by March 19th at look under event tab and March Buffet.
See photos of all the cards in the March Card Buffet Album.
1. I will have 11 cards on display to choose from.
2. Choose the card you want to create and take the supplies back to your table.
3. Make as many of the card as you would like.
4.Return the supplies to the buffet and grab another card basket to work on.
5. Repeat, repeat, repeat!
You will need to bring, scissors, adhesive, (basic supplies)

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